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For Families

Family Support Services helps to link your family experiencing homelessness (with children under the age of 18) to housing and many other services. Our experienced and dedicated staff are familiar with the unique obstacles families experiencing homelessness may face and work to provide resources and support throughout the housing process. Our goal is to work with you on your goals to achieve stability and help your family to overcome barriers and thrive.

For Individuals and Couples

Community Resources works to help connect you to housing options and resources. This program provides services including assistance in applying for permanent housing, short-term case management, shelter information, referrals to other agencies, referrals to treatment programs in the community, assistance in completing benefits applications, basic hygiene products, replacement permanent resident card applications, advocacy, support, and problem solving in connection with social service agencies


If you are interested in any of these services, please plan to come to Walk-In Hours at 2100 Broadway, Denver, CO 80205. We have walk-ins on Wednesdays from 8am-2pm weekly.


Please note that we do not offer representative services, hotel/motel vouchers, or immediate housing.

Rent, Mortgage, and Eviction Prevention Resources

The economic fallout of the pandemic has created financial strain for many renters and homeowners in Colorado. The resources below may offer assistance to make your monthly rental, mortgage, or utility payments to prevent eviction. If you are under threat of eviction, it is important to reach out for help as soon as possible as it is much harder to intervene once eviction proceedings have begun. 


Please note: We are unable to provide hotel/motel vouchers or immediate housing at CCH.


Click below to find more resources.