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The Coalition offers assistance in applying for permanent supportive housing or referrals to other housing programs for homeless adults and couples without children, as well as specialized help for adults with a primary diagnosis or history of major mental illness.

The Coalition operates a range of integrated programs to support children and families, including supportive services, pediatric services, child, adolescent, and family therapy, and child care.

The Renaissance Children’s Center provides a safe, stable environment for children to develop the skills necessary to succeed in school and with their peers.

This program provides re-entry services to women who have been, or are about to be, released from a correctional facility and are in need of medical and/or behavioral health services in the Denver-Metro area.

The Coalition responds to the unique needs of homeless veterans through its Veterans Administration Grant Per Diem Programs and permanent supportive housing programs.

Weekly Native American Talking Circles, which are considered a sacred place to share information confidentially and promote healing, are a vital part of the Coalition’s Substance Treatment Program.

Our Renaissance Works team assesses individual skills, helps develop individual employment plans and resumes, and provides job interview coaching.

Outreach programs engage people “where they are” in their own environment such as greenbelts, parks, doorways and alleys, vehicles, tents, temporary shelters or under bridges.

“Housing First” is designed to help chronically homeless individuals move immediately off the streets or out of the shelter system, and into housing.

The Denver Social Impact Bond program is an initiative aimed at measurably improving the lives of people most in need by driving resources towards better, more effective programs.

The Rural Initiatives Program is a cooperative partnership between the Coalition and non-profit homeless service providers to offer rental assistance and supportive services in non-metro and rural areas of Colorado.