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We are an organization of dedicated individuals working toward the prevention of homelessness and providing lasting solutions to Colorado's homeless men, women, and children.

Our leadership team works to uphold our philosophy of service in the belief that all people have a right to adequate housing and healthcare. Meet our leadership team.

We aim to be your source for compelling stories, the latest statistics, experts on homeless-related issues, and connections to other resources on homelessness.

Read news and articles about the Coalition, and issues related to homelessness in Colorado and across America.

Since its founding more than 30 years ago, the organization, and our people, have earned state and national recognition for integrated healthcare, housing, and service programs.

Review the Coalition’s tax reporting, as well as annual reports detailing revenue and spending, accomplishments, and the many supporters who make our work possible.

Stories from real people about the impact our work, and your support, has on their lives.

For more information or to seek help, please contact us or come in-person to our main office or health center.

Our Stories

Anna has struggled with homelessness since she was 14. A friend told her about the Coalition’s Street Outreach team who helped Anna access health care and resources for a motel while they worked to find her permanent housing. After moving into her own home, she reconnected with her mother. - Read More