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The principle driving our work is simple: move individuals and families from homelessness to safe, affordable homes, and provide the healthcare, employment and supportive services they need to maintain long-term stability. When we do this, households large and small become part of thriving, interdependent communities. Click HERE to view the 2017 990.

The Fort Lyon Supportive Residential Community provides transitional housing and support services to people experiencing or at-risk of
homelessness from across Colorado, with a priority on serving veterans.

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and Fort Lyon Supportive Residential Community Annual Report archives are available for you to review.

Our Stories

An addiction for 20 years, a survivor of childhood abuse and domestic violence as an adult, a family of addicts and homeless for most of her adult life, the odds of survival for Brenda were slim. Today, Brenda is not just surviving, she is thriving. Thanks to her will to be a better mother and to be stable, Brenda is living a fulfilled life. - Read More