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Denver City Council


Rafael Espinosa
Councilman District 1
Phone: 720-337-7701

Christopher Herndon
Councilman District 8
Phone: (720) 337-8888

Kevin Flynn
Councilman District 2
Phone: (720) 337-2222
Albus Brooks
Councilman District 9
Phone: (720) 337-7709
Paul D. López
Councilman District 3
Phone: (720) 337-3333
Wayne New
Councilman District 10
Phone: (720) 337-7710
Kendra Black
Councilwoman District 4
Phone: (720)337-4444
Stacie Gilmore
Councilwoman District 11
Phone: 720-337-7711
Mary Beth Susman
Councilwoman District 5
Phone: (720)337-5555
Robin Kniech
Council At Large
Phone: (720) 337-7712
Paul Kashmann
Councilman District 6
Phone: (720) 337-6666
Deborah "Debbie" Ortega
Council At Large
Phone: (720) 337-7713
​Jolon Clark
Councilman District 7
Phone: (720) 337-7777



Our Stories

Seven years ago, Wayne spent his nights sleeping in alleys and under bridges. Without shelter during a harsh Denver winter, Wayne developed frostbite on his feet. Without health coverage, Wayne knew he could not afford the high medical bill if he went to the Emergency Room. Wayne felt he had no choice but to “tough it out.” - Read More