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CO BoS CoC Update 54 Counties, 10 Regions - Not including Larimer and Weld Counties. They still belong to the BoS CoC rural and non-metro CoC though are working to split in to their own CoC in 2020/2021.

*Please note: Larimer and Weld Counties are in the process of forming their own CoC, until that time they remain a part of the Balance of State CoC; however we have begun transitioning. You may see reference to the BoS CoC being 56 counties and 11 Regional Groups  in various official documentation. That is accurate, but likely will be changing in 2020/2021 to reflect the above map.

This pages outlines the structure of Colorado's Balance of State Continuum of Care (CO BoS CoC). 

Please see the CO BoS CoC Governance Charter (Updated 8/2017) for more detailed information.

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