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A map illustrating the BoS CoC Regions

General Questions about Colorado's Balance of State Continuum of Care should be directed to:

Shawn Hayes - Balance of State Continuum of Care Coordinator - Colorado Coalition for the Homeless - Denver, CO

P. 303-312-9651 E. W.


Want to become a member of your counties Regional Coalition?

Each regional coalition meets regularly to discuss their region's homeless strategy. Any interested person or entity can become involved with their regional coalitions. The BoS Governing Board representatives for your region generally lead regular meetings to discuss regional issues.

Please see below and contact a representative if you're interested in participating! You can see a full list of CO BoS CoC Governing Board members by clicking here.

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Our Stories

Seven years ago, Wayne spent his nights sleeping in alleys and under bridges. Without shelter during a harsh Denver winter, Wayne developed frostbite on his feet. Without health coverage, Wayne knew he could not afford the high medical bill if he went to the Emergency Room. Wayne felt he had no choice but to “tough it out.” - Read More