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Map of the Colorado Balance of State Continuum of Care. 54 Counties drawn in to 10 Regional Coalitions. This map reflects a coming change to the Larimer and Weld Counties. They are forming their own CoC. They are still a part of the BoS CoC, but will become their own CoC in the next year. This map reflects the coming change as we transition.

General Questions about Colorado's Balance of State Continuum of Care (Rural Counties working on Homelessness in Colorado) should be directed to:

Shawn Hayes - Balance of State Continuum of Care Coordinator - Colorado Coalition for the Homeless - Denver, CO

P. 303-312-9651 E. W.


Want to become a member of your counties Regional Coalition?

The BoS Governing Board representatives for each region generally lead local coalition meetings to work collaboratively on their region's homelessness response strategy.

Any interested person or entity can become involved with Balance of State Continuum of Care regional homelessness coalitions. Meetings generally occur monthly or quarterly depending on the geographic area and are open to interested parties! 

There is also interest in finding community members and stakeholders who have knowledge of homelessness in your community and who would like to make meaningful contributions to making homelessness rare, brief, and one-time locally and across Colorado. 

Please see below and contact a local representative if you're interested in participating! 

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